Week 4 BLOG - Life in the City

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Hi Everyone! This week has been super fun and very jam packed with Polly being here too we never wanna stop! Monday was the big day! We were leaving Jo and Johns house and more importantly picking up Polly from Barcelona airport! We got our breakfast with Jamie and looked over the crystal clear sea before saying our farewells to everyone and heading off on our merry way to Barcelona. We drove straight to the apartment in Sitges and found out it was directly on the port. There was a minor issue with the key but we were really hungry so we just grabbed a beer and some food from a restaurant which was one of many lining the harbours edge. It was great to catch up again and have a giggle. Our apartment is only small but has everything you need, a small bathroom, kitchen-diner-living room leading to a balcony and upstairs is the master with a small private balcony which you can see the sea from!

Tuesday we woke up and went to the shops straight away, there is a smallish-Carrefour only 5 minutes away in the van so we popped round there to grab all the essentials and a few more things we didn’t need for the apartment! When we got home we got ready and walked into Sitges town centre. We are staying only about 15 minute walk from the centre but it’s coastal the whole way so it’s actually really nice having the walk although in the midday heat it certainly wasn’t the easiest! When we got there we laid on the beach and relaxed in the sun for a bit. Isaac and I went in the water and had a swim whilst Polly topped up on her tan. We went to a little restaurant and got some tapas and beers, Polly was in true holiday mood, she even got a Sangria! We headed back home to get ready for dinner, it’s BBQ time! We bought some marinated pork and burgers and it was lovely sitting on the balcony cooking a BBQ in the sunset overlooking the sea and chilling in the dying light of the sun. We had a lovely meal and a few beers before retiring to bed.

After lunch on Wednesday, we headed down to the beach closest to us only a 5 minute walk from the flat and laid on the beach all day, we spent ages in the water and even longer in the sun! Jamie and Berta travelled up and when they arrived we chatted for a while. Everyone got on like a house on fire and after a couple beers at ours we headed out for dinner. We only ended up going to the restaurants around the harbour but the food was delicious and the company was even better!

The next day we went to Port Aventura, it was lucky we had Berta (Jamie’s spanish friend) as she was able to explain everything to the ticket lady and even managed to get half priced tickets all round through her university and a few vouchers the person in front gave us! Once we were in, the theme park was amazing, it was pretty similar to Thorpe Park with different ‘worlds’ inspired by a few different countries (Hawaii, China, America, to name a few). We spent all day there on and off all sorts of rides! Jamie and I even ended up on the Bucking Bronco which was really hard work on the legs! We had a huge cup of beer, it was advertised as a yard and was definitely big but I think about 1 1/2 pints. The park was really empty and the longest wait was for my favourite ride, only about 10 minutes! It was my favourite because it was a huge rollercoaster with only your legs being held in down not the usual pull over the shoulders so there was most definitely genuine fear inside me! After a huge day we made our way back and headed to Jo and Johns house in Tamariu for a big sushi meal. When we arrived, Polly met Jo and John which was really nice and they made her feel super welcome much like they did with Isaac and I! The best hosts around! We had no time at all to get changed as we were out for dinner at Nomo, the sushi restaurant overlooking the sea for dinner! It’s really nice going out for dinner with everyone we are meeting but I know we’ll have to be back on rice and beans when everyone goes home and we are back in the van!!

Friday we had planned to go on the boat but sadly the weather wasn’t right and instead we made other plans. We played a very tough round of mini golf which Isaac won and then went for lunch. After lunch we gathered all our stuff and got ready to leave the villa for the final time, it was great to see Jo, John, Jamie and Berta again and I can’t wait to meet back up again in England! Jamie drove us home as he was picking his friend up from the airport which was super helpful. 2 hours later we were home after what felt like being away for ages as we had packed so much in! Saturday was our big day in Barcelona! We got the train in which was super easy and down the coast so had beautiful views. When we arrived we headed straight to Las Ramblas which is a huge shopping/restaurant street. Polly was in heaven! We found lunch at a little mediterranean shop and all had pitas, not very Spanish we know! After lunch we got the train over to La Sagrada Familia. It was so beautiful and surprisingly not busy at all! We went to a little churro shop and all shared a plate which were delicious and then made our way back to Las Ramblas for the shops. We went and got a gelato which was so delicious and ate it as we walked down the huge pedestrian street. Just as we were about to go we found a nice little square with a really beautiful restaurant called Ocaña, a really cool, hip place in a similar style as what we sell at Cambridge Urban Steel which was cool to see. We grabbed a drink here, sat and people watched for a good hour or so. We even had a street performer come over and do some juggling which was nice. After our beer we headed home again, the trains are really easy so it didn’t take long only an hour or so. On the walk home we had to pass through the town so went to one of the restaurants on the front for dinner, this was the latest I have gone for dinner, about half 10! It seems pretty normal in Spain as we weren’t the only ones by far. Three amazing pizzas later we were on our way home and most definitely ready for bed! Sunday was a super chilled day, we spent the day at the beach, had a couple of beers and then came back to the flat to chill out for the evening, a Sunday very well spent! We played some backgammon in the evening and made Uno from playing cards for a couple hours before hitting the hay and calling it a night after another very packed out week! Thank you for reading this weeks blog, I hope you enjoyed it and we at Cambridge Urban Steel really appreciate you taking time out of your day to keep updated with the blog!

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