Week 8 BLOG - Riding Solo...

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Welcome back everyone, this week was completely flipped upside down and plans changed MASSIVELY! We have been super busy and the week finished all slightly different to how some of you might’ve expected it!

Monday we woke up to a chilly one! There was deep snow on the ground all around us but luckily the roads were gritted where they needed to be. It was safe to assume these people were pretty used to the cold weather!

We spoke briefly with our new Scottish mate before heading into town on the search for a little café, no way was i cooking breakfast out in this! We found a little place selling some amazing pastries, most importantly it was warm!

After breakfast we headed off to a lake called Lago di Carreza, it was actually the car park we had planned to stay in the night before but luckily for us we didn’t as the barriers would’ve locked us in in the morning. The lake was completely frozen over and the whole landscape covered in a foot of snow, it was magical! The towering mountains in the background finished off the scene beautifully and the white of the snow was almost blinding.

We made our way round the lake throwing snowballs at each other and admiring the sheer beauty. It was an easy loop and the weather was beautiful, full sunshine. When we got back to the van we changed shoes and headed back down the mountain for some lunch.

We saw a cable car in the car park we were in which we hadn’t noticed previously. For only €15 return we decided to hop on and see where it took us. We were only hoping it wasn’t where we’d just came from...

Half the trees were covered in snow whilst on the other side of the valley (the side the sun was shining on) the trees’ snow had melted rapidly and there was almost nothing left on them! The cable car was a beautiful ride up and after only 15 minutes we had arrived. Luckily in a different location to the one we just were!

We sat down at the pub and the view was incredible, snow covered Alps stretched as far as the eye could see and the sun was in full show keeping us nice as warm as we ordered our lunch.

The menu was in German and Italian which was strange to see in Italy but it was because we were so close to the border of Austria and Switzerland they chose to speak both, mainly German. We ordered some random things and waited to see what it was. When it arrived we saw we ordered a cheese and meat board which was delicious and a plate of cheese and white onion with a huge bread basket to accompany them both, the food was lovely although i wasn’t too keen on the cheese and onion plate, it was a really strong flavour which I just didn’t really like. For main we ate what I think were spinach dumplings in a gorgonzola sauce. It was delicious and the beer was good too.

We made our way back down the mountain on the cable car and arrived once again at our van. The weather was still brilliant so we sat in the sun for a few hours trying to maintain the heat for the evening. We stayed another night in the car park and ate fresh ravioli for dinner, it was still baltic outside.

Tuesday morning we were sick of the cold, we needed it to be at least 1°c all day! We grabbed breakfast from the same café but this time takeaway and hopped back in the van to drive to lower ground.

We headed for Lago di Alleghe and afternoon an hour or so we had arrived, it was a lot more barren than the pictures showed it to be but we made lunch and looked over the lake. It was beautiful with the mountains everywhere and trees turning shades of orange and yellow so we locked the van and went for a walk through the main town.

It was a ghost town at this time of year and we got down to the water edge to skim some stones on the flat glassy surface of the lake. We messed around for a bit throwing stones around and headed back to the van.

We drove further towards Milan (still miles away) and stopped at a campsite for the evening. It was the first of our trip and definitely needed. €20 later we were in and running for the showers. It was so nice feeling a warm shower again! Surprising what things you take for granted when you are presented with them every day. We headed out for the evening to a well known pizza bar and the food was delicious! They also sold 1.5l carafes of beer so we knew we’d be staying warm tonight!

Wednesday  was a very chilled out day, we made the most of the showers once again and used the washing facilities too, the weather was good so we washed our clothes and sheets and let them dry all day. It’s always nice chilling out for the day especially when there’s van jobs to be doing and free Wi-Fi a plenty.

We packed up our things and headed towards Verona to visit in the morning. We ate a quick dinner and went to bed.