Week 3 BLOG - Boating life

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Hi guys! Been super busy again this week out on the boats a LOT! Sorry it’s late, Polly has just arrived so we have been catching up the last couple of days.

Monday kicked off the week in a quite hilarious way. We went to the par 3 nearby Tamariu, it was average price but the menu was only €12. We had no clue what was on it just hoped it was something nice. I ended up having rabbit and the others had lasagne as part of a three course meal that was super unexpected! We were only expecting a burger or sandwich!

The golf was pretty close but Isaac just beat me by only three shots, very annoying indeed!

We made our way home and on the way back stopped in at the supermarket to buy things for a BBQ I decided to cook for Jo as part of a little thank you for letting us stay. The rest of the evening was very chilled out, we also played ‘Ticket to Ride’ (I thought it was called On the Train in the last blog) which I won after only playing twice, it felt good!

Tuesday we were feeling a bit more adventurous, we watched our favourite programme on Netflix, Below Deck, in the morning and as afternoon came along we went and picked up Berta (the girl Jamie is talking to) and headed up to the Montgrí Castle. An old derelict castle with a 40 minute hike to the top. The castle was built between 1294 and 1301 and is actually unfinished, it was said to be built only to scare off intruders coming from overseas. You can walk round the top of the castle and sit with your legs dangling over the edge so isn’t for the faint hearted! We sat at the top for half an hour or so admiring the beautiful views the whole 360° around the castle looking for miles over the mountainous landscape all the way out to sea! It’s even possible to sea the Pyrenees mountain range in France! We made our way home and chilled by the pool, we watched more Below Deck and Jo made a delicious lasagne for us in the evening. We played more Ticket to Ride( which I won again!) and Jamie’s friend Arnou came to visit for the evening, we played some cards and chatted before making our way to bed after a brilliant day exploring.

Wednesday, we woke up kicked it off by watching even more Below Deck (we finished a season already since being here!). We went to Begur which is the closest bigger town and got a beer and something to eat, we decided to go go-karting but sadly it was closed for siesta and wasn’t opening for another couple hours. We came home and grabbed the keys for the RIB and drove it round to the next cove along where there is a petrol pump which a tiny beach shack bar selling beers. The sea was really choppy and all three of us in the small RIB probably wasn’t the best idea but we got there safe and sound only to find the bar was closed! We drove to the other side of the beach to the normal bars and restaurants and got a beer from there instead. The beach was so quiet and the boat taxis weren’t even out we were able to drag the RIB up to the beach which is normally never aloud, nobody told us off so everything was fine.

The way home was easier as we could use the waves to almost surf in round the short 15 minute trip and back to the beach at Tamariu. We walked back up to the villa and got ready to go out to a really nice pizza restaurant.

The restaurant was in a very bohemian/urban style much like what we make here at Cambridge Urban Steel. The tables we all a beautiful sanded scaffold board with a steel frame holding them sturdily in place. It looked really suited and with the pizza oven roaring in the background cooking our delicious pizzas there was certainly a real positive vibe amongst the restaurant.

Thursday we went out on the boats to Aigua blava and went to the Aigua Blava Hotel for lunch which was divine, Isaac and I had a huge fillet steak and chips. I definitely think it’s on par with that of the Barley Mow and that’s saying something! The view over the bay was also beautiful you could see for miles over the sea and all the boats bobbing around in the crystal clear bay.

After lunch we stayed on the boats a bit longer chilling out and relaxing in the sun before pinning it back to Tamariu. We walked back to the villa for the evening, watched more Below Deck and ate dinner. We played Ticket to Ride with Arnou and Jo sadly Arnou just beat me this time!

Friday was another day on the boat, this was a bigger one, we got some beers on the way down to the boat and grabbed the RIB over to the bigger port at Palamós we got the smaller blue boat and went to Cala Pedrosa picking up Berta and her friend on the way through. We stayed at the little cove the whole day meeting up with some other friends Jamie knew on their way past. It was lovely chilling, sunbathing, snorkelling and having a couple beers all day. We headed home and dropped the girls and Isaac at Tamariu because Jamie and I had to get the RIB back. About an hour later we arrived back at Tamariu, the waves had also picked up a bit so it was quite choppy on the way home.

We went for dinner in town down by the front and had some more drinks, went to a couple of bars and ended up back at the villa for some cards and drinks before getting to bed.

On Saturday we went for a long walk round Tamariu and found a nice little cliff jump spot, we chilled out there for about an hour or so and made our way into town to find lunch, we ate a very easy burger and chips and walked back to the villa to meet John (Jo’s husband). He is really welcoming and a good laugh, Isaac and I both told him how thankful we were and he was happy we have been having a great time. We spent some time in the pool and headed down to town for dinner.

At dinner we met another couple about our age as some of Jo and John’s friends invited them. They were really nice and so we all went to a couple more bars together. Once they were all closed (they have to close at 1am legally at the moment) we headed back to the house for bed after another full on day!

Sunday was Johns first full day so we were straight out on the boats early morning about half 9 to get the day up and going. We headed straight to Aigua Blava again this time Jamie and I picked up Marina and Ayoup at Tamariu and Isaac and Berta at Aigua Blava. We relaxed on the boats all day in and out of the water snorkelling again and then had pizza for lunch. It was a lovely way to spend our final day with everyone!

In the evening we went to one of Jo’s friends houses for dinner, she put on an amazing spread and had some gorgeous lamb which I offered to cook on the bbq, I was a bit nervous as her son was a chef but it turned out really well and everyone loved it. We had a table tennis tournament and chatted the night away before making our way home ready to pack all our stuff in the morning to meet Polly at the airport Monday afternoon

Thanks everyone for reading this week, sorry it was a bit delayed we have been super busy the start of this week! Hope you enjoyed!



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