Week 2 BLOG - Living Lavish in Spain!!

Hi guys, thank you so much to everyone who read the blog last week. This week has been super busy again and we are now in Spain!

Monday was a busy day driving up mountain passes and when we got to the top we went for a big walk about an hour. When we got to the end we looked at maps on the off chance and realised we had technically walked to Spain! The views were amazing and the landscape was so vast! After the walk we made our way back to the van and headed back down the mountain pass, the hike was about 2000m up so it certainly took a while to drive down the winding roads but was most definitely worth it!

We drove to a lake called Lac De Cap-De-Long back up another mountain pass about another hour down the road this was also 2200m high so we had to throw a jumper on because it started to get cold. We cooked dinner and played some cards before going to bed tucking ourselves nice and warm.

Tuesday was certainly a cold morning with it only being 3°c when we woke up, luckily the sun was out so it was easy to stay warm sitting in front of the van. We made a quick cornflakes breakfast and got moving by going for a walk round the dam. This was both our first times ever seeing a dam so was really interesting seeing how it all worked. We even learnt the 13.5km road has to be built in the first place before the dam could even start being constructed, all in 1950!

After the walk we got in the van and started our drive down to the next country, Spain! We can’t wait to get back in the warm weather and be by the beach again. We found a place to stay but it was not what we were expecting, the road had grass in the centre and looked like it hadn’t been driven on for a few weeks at least. We carried on for about another 20 minutes before stumbling across a lovely spot that overlooked the plains we were in with a beautiful mountainous backdrop.

We got the BBQ and beers out and chilled the rest of the evening to get ready to meet Jo and Jamie the following day.

Thursday was an early wake up, we were on the road by 8:30am headed down to Tamariu to stop in to Isaac's family friends house for a few days before continuing to Barcelona to meet Polly.

It took about 3 1/2 hours to get down and when we arrived it was great to meet Jo and her son Jamie for the first time, they were super welcoming and knew we would all get on great!

We went for lunch and we hadn’t eaten all day so were starving! We had a few beers with Jamie and made our way home for a chilled evening in the villa.

Friday was a busy day! We woke up early and drove to the harbour to grab the boat for a lovely day in one of the coves on the coast line, it was lovely to meet a couple of Jo’s friends and spend the day with them having a laugh and swimming around in the beautiful crystal clear waters.

After a lovely day on the boat we came back to the house and played some card games and a brilliant board game ‘on the train’. Jo also made an amazing chilli which tasted amazing and Isaac Jamie and i ate straight away after coming home! A dream day in the sun.

Saturday we grabbed the small RIB and went for an adventure! We stopped in a small bar only accessible by boat, on the swim in Isaac was stung by a jellyfish. We ended up all getting stung but Isaac was the worst and it was a good laugh (even though I do actually care about him). On the way back we swam so quickly we were exhausted, no surprises there! We then punched to the harbour to grab the bigger boat and went back to meet Jo and her friends for a few drinks. We met a boat in one of the coves as they were having a party so we swam over and joined in.

We partied for a couple of hours before heading back to the harbour and home again. When we got back to the house we had a few drinks and a real good laugh with only 5 of us before going to sleep in the early hours after a very full (but fun) day.

Sunday everyone felt a bit jaded in the morning but after a few glasses of water and a quick shower we were all ready for the day again! We went to lunch at this amazing sushi restaurant called Nomo at a working light house, the views out were amazing and the food was even better. I can’t wait to come back and show Polly so we can eat there to, I know she’ll love it.

After the restaurant we chilled out at the house for a couple of hours just nursing our food babies (we ordered way too much). In the evening we walked down to the beach as one of Jo’s good friends were going home so we had leaving drinks for a few hours. We stopped in at another couple of bars on the way home including a tapas bar for some brilliant food which was all very reasonably priced before making our way home for the night.

Thank you for reading everyone, I know this week we have been moving away from the van but it’s nice to live a little bit of luxury (i.e have a free shower!!). This week coming we are still at Jo’s and going to get up to a lot more exciting things which i will update you all on Sunday.


Kieran 🚐💨

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