Week 6 BLOG - Travel back to France!!

Hi Everyone! Glad to see everyone reading, we’ve had brilliant support over the blogs and on the page which is very positive. We thank you for that here at Cambridge Urban Steel. This week we’ve been doing a lot of city visiting then a beach camp spot in the evening, it’s gone brilliantly and really nice to have the hustle and bustle of the city then in the evening fall asleep hearing the lapping of the waves!

Monday was a big driving day to Perpignan, our first day back in France after being in Spain for so long.  We drove almost all day and when we arrived it was super windy. We found a more sheltered camp spot and headed into the town nearby to where we stayed, we were still about 15 minute drive from Perpignan centre.

It didn’t take long just a 5 minute walk down the beach and we were in a busier part of the town. We sat and watched the locals playing French boules for half an hour or so then walked to a little bar to get a beer. Beer is much more expensive here than it was previously in Spain, we weren’t big fans of that!

We walked back to the van and set up our little bbq which we then turned into a fire pit to keep us lovely and warm tucked up by the van, the moon was huge and it was so nice sitting out there soaking up the atmosphere. Isaac and I had a couple beers and laughed the night away tucked around the fire, it was lovely.

Tuesday I woke up really earlier which I was over the moon about when I realised it was just in time for sunrise! I got some warm clothes on and walked down to the beach to watch it, the sun was beautiful and the setting on this huge wide open beach was just perfect.

We decided to go to Perpignan for the day, it only took about 20 minutes to get there, we parked up and went in. It was nice to walk around but didn’t really have a whole lot going on. We went and sat and had a drink on one of the big squares then made a move back in the van onto the next spot for the evening.

This one was only half an hour up the coast to a much smaller city called Narbonne. We didn’t go in to the city just stayed close to the beach, there was a brilliant sunset and it was really nice to walk down the super soft sandy beaches. They were huge and stretched a good 100m wide and as far as the eye could see, I really liked it.

Wednesday we headed down to the beach only about 20 metres from the van which is one of the best things about this lifestyle. We spent the early arvo at the beach playing frisbee and chilling in the sun, we also went in the sea but it was absolutely freezing!

We got back to the van and had a shower in the cold beach showers before heading to a spit just outside Montpellier to stay the night. On the way we stopped in at a Carrefour and got a huge steak (770g!!) for our dinner to go in our thai green curry. We arrived just in time for sunset and then got to work on the huge steak on the BBQ, it was delicious!

Thursday we made our way into Montpellier, top of the list was a haircut so after a little research we went to, what looked like, a really good barbers. It turned out well in the end we were both more than happy with our new lids, even though no one spoke any English we still got it sorted!

We parked outside the barbers and left the van there whilst going into the city, the tram system was super easy and after no time we were in the centre wandering around having a nosey at the sights including the Arc de Triomphe, Promenade du Peyrou and into the main drag of shops in the centre. We got a McDonalds (which was our first this entire trip!) and then headed back to the van.

We stayed at a place roughly in the middle of Montpellier and Marseille in a pretty sleepy fishing town, definitely a place that gets tourists as a lot of the restaurants were closed. We grabbed a beer from round the harbour and went home, we made a quick dinner and played some uno in the evening.

Friday we woke up and headed for Marseille, it took an hour or so to get there and it turned pretty chilly when we arrived, it didn’t bother us and we just chucked a coat on. Luckily the weather cleared up rain-wise but was still super chilly. We headed for a waffle shop Isaacs sister had recommended and it did not disappoint! Even if that did mean eating a strawberry sauce and pistachio waffle with my hands as there was no fork (including the cream with my finger)!

We walked around for a bit looking in a lot of the shops seeing if anything tickled our fancy or any sweet deals but sadly not. Instead we hired e scooters and zoomed around the city on those for about an hour, we were even able to go back to the van on them which we got a bus into the city from! They were really fast going up to 27kph! It was great fun and felt like being on the mopeds back in Asia.

We got back to the van about half 8 and decided to get some miles done, it was the first time we’d driven at night but I felt like it was the right thing to do and after an hour and a half on the road we got just outside St Tropez to stay the night.

Saturday we visited St Tropez, it was a really beautiful little town, obviously very well known for its very rich atmosphere and people who go there. It didn’t seem really snobby although looking at the prices on the edge of the harbour (€40 average per plate!) we made our way further back to a backstreet pizza restaurant I had found online. The pizza was delicious and very cheap, much cheaper than that on the front!

We continued to explore around the harbour and saw some very big yachts, choosing out which one we’d pick if we had the money. We then walked back to the van and headed to the camp spot half way from St Tropez and Fréjus. We had a small bbq for dinner as we were so full from lunch and then had a few beers and games of UNO and probably went to sleep a bit too late but it was Saturday night so we weren’t counting!

Sunday we felt a bit worse for wear and the weather was even worse constantly raining the whole day. There was one thing for it! We drove to the closest McDonalds and got lunch then sat in the car park in the van on the free WiFi and watched sport all day. With the rain pouring down outside there was really nothing else to be doing so we didn’t feel bad one bit!

In the evening we drove to our camp spot only about another 30 minutes down the road and got straight to sleep as we were still exhausted!

Another week done and dusted, this week has been brilliant and the constant city visiting has been good but nice to break it up in the evenings with the beach settings. Next week we are continuing along the French Riviera and out to Italy where we are more than likely going to slow down a bit and do longer bigger drives every so often. Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to sharing next week with you all!



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