Week 5 BLOG - Ain't no Mountain high enough

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Welcome back! Thanks to everyone for keeping up with the blog, I’m really enjoying writing and I hope you’re all enjoying reading! This week we had to say a sad goodbye to Polly, met up with friends and then continued our adventure just Isaac and I!

Monday was a day in the next town called Vilanova i La Geltrú, we walked through the main drag of shops and found a modern hot dog restaurant. It was one of the best hot dogs I’ve ever had! Isaac and I agreed it was one of our best meals in the trip!

After food we went to the shops and all ended up coming home with items which I know is always Pollys favourite thing! I bought a hat, Isaac bought a new coat and Polly bought some tops and almost a new pair of trousers but decided against in the end.

We drove back home and chilled in the flat for a bit before heading down to the front by the beach for dinner. We went back to the restaurant selling the amazing pizza and I had a big plate of fajitas which I haven’t had in ages, they were delicious! After dinner we went home and played some cards all together before going up to bed.

Tuesday we went down to the beach about 2pm, in the morning we went to the shops and stocked the cupboards a bit. We went for lunch straight away and got a few beers in, we had a huge paella to share and some more tapas all of which was so tasty. We got some mojitos after food and just carried on the rest of the afternoon. Isaac went home to chill out and Polly and I went down to the beach to soak up some sun, it was so good spending time together again!

For dinner Polly made her famous one pot pasta for us all and then we played a bit of UNO (our new favourite game) then went to bed after a pretty big day having cocktails in the sun!

Wednesday Isaac decided to stay at home so Polly and I could have a day exploring to ourselves which was nice of him. We hopped on the train and went down the coast to Tarragona.

Sadly it was a local holiday so all the high street shops were shut! We went for lunch in a local restaurant where nobody spoke English so just pointed to random things on the menu we thought we would like. Safe to say it’s definitely worked out better before! We got some nice food but I alsó ended up with a cheeseboard as I didn’t read it properly! The cheese was nice but certainly not what I was expecting!

We decided to head home and lucky we did because it turned out we were on one of the last trains at only 4:30pm! When we got back we drove to the supermarket and got some sushi to eat on the harbour wall whilst watching the sunset. It was magical. It felt so special and definitely a memory to last a lifetime, sitting, chatting and making one another laugh. My favourite type of date!

Thursday was Polly’s final day! Sadly all good things must come to an end! We made the most of it by waking up super early to watch sunrise together which was once again so worth it however we did go to sleep a little longer when we got back!

When we awoke for the second time Isaac and I packed quick and chucked all our stuff in the van to be sorted in the evening (classic men). We then headed down to the beach front to grab our final pizza of Polly’s trip and hopped in the van headed for the airport.

It was so sad to see Polly leave and she definitely shed a few tears! We had our final hug for a while and said our farewells, at least phones make our lives easier now always being able to stay in contact all the time.

After leaving the airport we were on our way to Andorra to meet up with Jamie and Berta for a couple of days as they had bought their car which they could sleep in. Only about 3 hours later we met up with them at the camp spot, it was certainly a LOT colder than Tamariu! We had a few beers and played a few games of UNO, a lovely bbq cooked by yours truly and then bed.

Friday was a very cold morning, for the first time in ages and ages we woke up freezing! It was only 3°c outside so Berta (Spanish and lives by the beach) felt like an ice cube! We packed up and got on our way to Naturlandia.

We were all a bit uncertain about how it would be but when we arrived it started to snow! We couldn’t believe it! Naturlandia was brilliant too, we saw bears, wolves and even a lynx! It turned out the ticket was included if you ate lunch so we went to the restaurant they had on site and the food was delicious! Berta and I shared a beef txuleton, a Spanish cut almost like ribs but cut the opposite way and unique to Catalonia. It was cooked on a huge open fire in front of us and the meat was perfect! A few chips on the side and we were stuffed!

After eating we could’ve rolled down the mountain! We drove back down south to Spain and found a camp spot close to where we were visiting the next day. On the way we stopped for a final time in Andorra to fill up as it was only €0.89/litre for diesel!

For dinner we had another bbq and thought about doing a little fire but the wind was so cold we decided to head inside instead! More UNO games and a few more beers then we went to bed after another brilliant day!

Saturday we went to a river called Embalse de Canelles, it was a hike up and around a huge canyon with a river running through the centre, some of the bluest waters i’ve ever seen and the surroundings were spectacular! We spent a good few hours here taking so many pictures and videos or this beautiful landscape.

After marvelling at this wonder we made our way to a little pizza restaurant for our last meal together, it was definitely sad to say goodbye so soon after spending to much time together in the last few weeks but we were also excited for our next chapter just Isaac and I once again!

Finally just us two again and we were exhausted! we headed to the closest park4night spot and laid down for the rest of the day on our phones and looking at the brilliant view outside. There was a basketball hoop too so we messed around with that (we brought a football away) and threw a frisbee around for a while, it was good to take things slower than we had previously.

Dinner was super easy with leftover pizza and a few games of cards we went to sleep pretty early as we were so tired!

Sunday was a proper Sunday! It was certainly well needed! We played some basketball in the morning for a couple hours then had a shower from our water tank and relaxed in the sun. It was pretty cold only about 10°c but in the sun felt much warmer.

We headed roughly 40 minutes north to our next camp spot we found and played some basketball as there was a hoop there too. Think I’ll be scouted for NBA at this rate! I made a huge tuna pasta for us both which we cleared off after only having more leftover pizza so far.

In the evening and to watch sunset we went for a walk and stumbled across a little bar which looked over the mountains and a beautiful view of the setting sun. We got a couple of Catalonian IPA’s and pale ales which were surprisingly really nice and then made our way back to the van to go to sleep.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog, it’s been a busy one as per usual but now we are back in the van so life will slow down a bit and be more of what we came away in the first place for. Something I’m very much looking forward too!

Cheers, Kieran

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